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Title: 7 For 7 Challenge
Author: writerofictions
Rating: R just to be on the safe side.
Fandom: The Ever After/Original
Pairings: Augusten/Serafino, Atticus/Lysander
Genres: Romance mainly.
Prompts you chose or triggers you created:
1: Breathtaking
2: Agony
3: Euphoria
4: Serene
5: Tragedy
Summary: There's some stuff. You should read it.
Disclaimer/Claimer: Um. Some adult stuff in 3. May wanna void that if you're sensible to gay sex, even though it's not real sex.
A/N: Yay 4 me.

1. BreathtakingCollapse )

2. AgonyCollapse )

3. EuphoriaCollapse )

4. SereneCollapse )

5. TragedyCollapse )

Waxing Poetic ; 3:37 a.m.

I dream the lives of poets, wishful thinkers, the cynical and the whimsical. To be despised, to be remembered, for all things. For anything. For nothing.

Achieving greatness through stale hopes; stagnant candy coated visions of the nonsensical. A far reaching complex for more, more, and more. It's never enough but you can't quite reach. The what you could become is just out of your grasp, brushing with your finger tips.

Tears fall from your eyes like fragmented glass. Razor sharp testaments to your own inevitable let down. If we are the dreamers, then we can control our nightmares. Put minds on pause and start fresh again tomorrow, no more clutching pillows and begging it away.

I am my own monster. I am my own disaster. I tear down my own walls to build them back up. Block it out, and never let it in. To your heart. To your soul. To all the things that can hurt you and your fragile artistic sphere, like spun glass. It hits the floor, it shatters, it breaks and you can never get it back. Some pieces will never fit again.

Sleepless nights give way to greater thinking, to moments of perfection when thoughts are fevered and peppered with biting truths. If the monster in my nightmares is me, then how do I out run it? Because I am not prepared to escape myself.

AU: Bitter : Prologue

Title: Bitter
Universe: The Ever After AU. Sit in our present times, 2008.
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing(s): Augusten and Serafino
Rating: R
Warning(s): Lots of violence. Sex. Drugs. Guns. Stuff blowing up. Mostly faces.
Word Count:

To love another person, is to the see the face of God.Collapse )
Title: Hitman
Universe: The Ever After: Into The Future
Part/Chapter: N/A
Pairing(s): N/A
Rating: PG
Warning(s): N/A
Word Count: 993

I've seen better daysCollapse )